A Strong Advocate For Minnesota Animal Nuisance Matters

Generally speaking, people describe nuisance animals in two different ways. The first kind belongs to someone else, and affects the quality of the individual's life. The classic example is a barking dog or a dog that is allowed to run at large that comes into your yard. The other typical nuisance is a wild animal that does not belong to anyone that may cause property damage.

Barbara Gislason believes that no matter how much an animal upsets you, it is unwise to take the law into your own hands. If you do, you might be subject to criminal or civil proceedings or even violate a federal or state law for the taking of a protected or endangered species, or for violating a Minnesota cruelty law. You could also invite retaliation that you have not yet fully considered. Call Barbara to schedule an appointment and let her help you make a good decision and devise a useful strategy. She may be able to help you in an alternative dispute resolution process, too.

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