Pet Trusts

Companion animal owners who love their pets care about providing for their long-term needs. Minnesota passed a pet trust law in 2016. It is now legal for pets to be trust beneficiaries in the event of disability or death. Barbara played a major role in the passage of this law. Make a pet trust a part of your last will and testament or another estate planning.

Ensuring your pets' long-term needs can be accomplished by creating a legal instrument called a pet trust. In Barbara's opinion, creating a pet trust is the best way to make sure that assets are legally and reasonably dedicated to your pets' future care. This is because with a pet trust, as part of your estate planning, there are legally enforceable safeguards.

Barbara can help you discuss your goals and concerns for your pets should you die or become disabled and unable to care for them. She will help you make good choices about caretakers, as well as trustees. Trustees should be of good character and able to manage the property and funds for the trust. She will also help you plan what happens to the funds in the trust once your last pet provided for in your trust passes.

Bringing to this conversation her own deep knowledge about animals and their owners, Barbara recognizes that your animal companions deserve a good life. She will discuss with you how to communicate with others about your wishes, as well as what records and information you should regularly update. This annual update could include information about each animal's medical conditions and veterinary needs, as well as your keen observations regarding any behavioral challenges. You will have peace of mind with a pet trust, knowing that your pets will benefit from a smooth transition.