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Clients of the Law Office of Barbara J. Gislason receive trusted family law counsel based on extensive experience and training. Barbara has represented thousands of Minnesotans involved in a variety of family-related legal issues, including divorce, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance and property disputes. Her experience has taught her to be aware of the social context in which problems arise, helping clients understand the bigger picture. She will also work hard to help you resolve your disputes fairly and avoid litigation when possible in order to save you money.

Barbara will listen to your story and consider a wide array of angles and components, including legal, emotional and economic factors. She will then help you understand exactly how the Minnesota laws will affect your specific situation and assist you in making well-thought-out decisions that will protect your interests and well-being far into the future, while expediting the process and using modern alternative dispute resolution processes, including mediation.

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Divorce and other family law matters can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety for everyone involved. Barbara's goal is to help her clients through this difficult time by providing astute legal guidance, as well as the personal support and direction needed to move forward toward a better tomorrow. Her consultative approach is characterized by honesty, sensitivity and a high level of confidence, which has resulted in success for her clients time and time again.

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