Navigating LGBTQ Family Law Matters

The landmark U.S. Supreme Court decisions of Hollingsworth v. Perry, which had the effect of invalidating California proposition 8, and Windsor v. the United States, where Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was found to be unconstitutional, have influenced court decisions around the country. The subject of who is allowed in the modern family, and what legal rights family members have, is in a continuing state of change.

Because of the patchwork quilt of laws and ideas about identity and sexuality around the country, a variety of people find themselves in legal quicksand if a problem arises. For example, a couple may have entered into a domestic partnership in one state, and years later entered into a different type of contract with contradictory terms in another state, without formally dissolving the partnership.

Barbara will do her best to help you understand how to navigate in the court system to achieve a desirable outcome, including for your pet or companion animal. Because these kinds of cases can be more difficult and complex than others, in preparation for a meeting with her, it is wise to first provide a detailed chronological history of all the aspects of the daily life of the animal in dispute, gather all the records you can related to payments for and the care of the animal, and to gather the contracts, statements and licenses, and any modifications thereto, that affect your status in each state where you have lived.

Barbara will also advise her LGBT clients about how to deal with the legal system where there may be open or hidden biases. She is interested in taking cases where there is evidence of care and devotion to the companion animal. Let Barbara help you.

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