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Barbara J. Gislason represents writers, authors, entertainers, agents, venues and businesses, and negotiates contracts and advocates for the interests of clients in the book publishing, television, cable, and music industries, and related contract and intellectual property law concerns. In some instances, she will consult with another qualified attorney if she believes additional expertise would be beneficial in a transparent manner that will not impact the client's bottom line.

For example, though familiar with trademark issues, she works with another law firm to perform and monitor trademark registrations. She also associates with another firm if a decision is made to litigate a claim.

Over the years, she focused significant attention on the book publishing industry, and negotiated contracts for writers and authors in two capacities. Through the Gislason Agency, she represented fiction writers, including a mystery author who received critical acclaim in Publishers Weekly. Currently, she will only consider solicited authors through the Gislason Agency. In addition, she has negotiated many book deals as an arts and entertainment lawyer. In some instances, she is willing to give people feedback on a writing project for a reasonable amount.

When thinking about intellectual property law, there are generally two different ways the topic is approached. Traditionally, a person who is seeking intellectual property rights would seek a specialist in patent, trademark, copyright law, or trade secret law, even if the lawyer knew little about the client's business.

The other way to obtain intellectual property law protection is to go to an attorney with expertise in a subject like art and entertainment law and utilize that attorney to protect their broader needs, including intellectual property rights, outsourcing when necessary.

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