Placing An Uncertain Future In Trusted Hands

We take for granted that we can make decisions over our own lives – how we spend our money and the medical treatment we seek. It is not something we like to think about, but that ability could be taken away from us in the event of a disabling accident or disease.

Thankfully, the law provides options for appointing trusted agents to act on our behalf if incapacity sets in. This decision-making authority is known as a power of attorney.

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Protecting Your Finances and Medical Decisions

Generally, powers of attorney fall into two categories:

  • Financial power of attorney: The person you grant a financial power of attorney to can make decisions regarding your bank accounts, rent payments, stock purchases, and other fiscal matters.
  • Medical power of attorney: When a person has medical power of attorney over another, they can make decisions regarding treatments the grantor wishes to receive and not receive. These decisions often involve palliative and end-of-life treatment.

By establishing a power of attorney today, you can help your family members avoid vexing questions that may arise in the event of your incapacity. Those decisions will rest in the hands of the person you trust to advance your wishes.

Experienced Guidance for Protecting Your Future

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