Trailblazer And Thought Leader

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Trailblazer And Thought Leader

(Free or Reduced Fee Consultations)

Law Office of
Barbara J. Gislason

Three Decades Of Legal Experience On Your Side

At the Law Office of Barbara J. Gislason, clients receive individual attention and legal advice customized to their unique needs. Based on more than 30 years of experience, Barbara has developed a highly effective approach to working with her clients. Her honesty and straightforward nature benefits clients facing a diverse range of legal issues.

Barbara was an undergraduate psychology major at Carleton College, and she has a true desire to understand why parties seek to advance certain positions. Due to her extensive experience, Barbara can help you understand what the party on the other side of the table is thinking and why, and how to effectively negotiate toward a fair outcome. She has a keen ability to translate the essence of an oral agreement into a well-constructed and durable written agreement.

A good attorney puts the goals of his or her client first. A great attorney also examines all decisions in a moral context, carefully considering how each action will impact everyone involved — this is what Barbara strives to do. She will construct your case in a manner that helps you avoid further litigation, so you can move forward with your life without struggling or looking back.

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As a third-generation attorney, Barbara became familiar with the courtroom at a young age. Her grandfather and other relatives have served as judges in Minnesota, and she began observing court cases as a child, as her father was a trial lawyer. She is now able to create compelling arguments and has an intuitive ability to organize facts and figures in a way to support her client’s case.

To learn more about Barbara’s background, accomplishments, and personal interests, please click here to review her comprehensive attorney profile.

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