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Equine law is both similar to and distinguishable from other types of animal law cases. Although people who have horses often have strong bonds with them, horses are more often valued commercially and for their use compared to animals more typically referred to as companion animals or pets. It is expensive to own a horse, not only because of the purchase price, but also because of ongoing costs, including floating teeth and the cost of food, as well as farrier expenses. Those most bonded to horses often lease them rather than own them, or provide care for them for a fee.

Equine law is a complex area of the law and can pertain specifically to horses or horse farrier and other organizations and businesses. The term may also apply to activities enjoyed by those who own or lease horses. Equine law can also include contracts related to boarding or training a horse.

Animal rights lawyers like Barbara Gislason, involved in providing equine-related services, are well-versed on issues related to the breeding and sale of horses, horse lease disputes, and co-owner agreements, insurance coverage, and other risk management issues. Barbara is also knowledgeable about when limitations regarding liability apply and how contractual exclusions may not be bulletproof, particularly when gross negligence is involved.

Horse Purchases

Examples of questions you may have before making a horse purchase include learning about the horse’s soundness and health, disposition, history of training, performance record data, assessment of stable skills, and information about the mare or stallion’s breeding history. Barbara recommends that her clients make a visual inspection of the horse and have the horse undergo a veterinary examination before entering into a purchase agreement.

Barbara Gislason can provide you with prepurchase recommendations, help you understand what belongs in a breeding contract, how a horse may be subject to a security agreement when bought, and help you better understand warranties. Barbara can also help breeders, boarding barns, trainers, and owners with their contracts and contract revisions.

She can also help with regard to the purchase or sale of a horse, advise you on the drafting or modification of a variety of contracts, help you develop a plan to reduce your risks, and explain the shortcomings of waivers, even those involving equine activities. Typical contracts used in equine law include: boarding stable agreements, horse rental or lease agreements, a release of liability by a parent concerning a minor regarding various activities and uses, area use agreements, and other waiver and liability release provisions.

Barbara can assist you with a possible dispute resolution process. If litigation proceeds, she will fight for you and help you identify and develop necessary evidence so that you achieve a just outcome.

Estate Planning for Horses

Because of the long life of horses, it is desirable to consider estate planning for horses. Barbara is an experienced animal lawyer who can help you with estate planning for horses and companion animals and will inform you about best practices. Barbara worked with a respected expert team and was able to get a pet trust law passed in Minnesota.

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