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Trailblazer And Thought Leader

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Efficient Resolutions To Divorce Disputes

If you are going through a divorce or another family law issue, you will want your case to be resolved in a cost-effective and timely manner. With an attorney by your side who knows how to build an effective case using evidence and persuasive arguments during mediation, this goal can be achieved.

Attorney Barbara J. Gislason is a true advocate for her clients who are facing difficult family law matters. Barbara’s clients benefit from her training as a qualified neutral, which involved an extensive legal education mediation course approved by the Minnesota Supreme Court. Additionally, for more than 15 years, Barbara performed mediation services for Hennepin County as a Panel Referee for divorce pretrials, making her well-known and respected by the family law community in Minnesota.

In the majority of divorce and family law cases, a fair resolution can be negotiated between the two parties and their attorneys through the mediation process. Barbara takes pride in being well-prepared, always as if trial were possible, which puts her clients in a strong position to obtain the results they desire.

Types of Mediation in Minnesota

There are three different types of mediation in Minnesota: evaluative, facilitative, and transformative. Barbara carefully selects the form of mediation she believes will be the most effective for each client’s case.

Many courts are now using one form of evaluative mediation called an Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE). At the Initial Case Management Conference (ICMC) proceeding, to resolve family law matters, courts in some jurisdictions will ask both parties if they will participate in this private pay process. These proceedings are designed to allow parties to seek an early opinion regarding how a judge or referee will likely rule on their case prior to going to court. Unlike other lawyers who may allow their overwhelmed clients to walk into the ENE or mediation process unprepared, Barbara takes the time to thoroughly prepare her clients for success. In these proceedings, much is on the line. One small misstep could result in a poor impression, which can impact the final outcome.

Talk to an Attorney Who Knows Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Methods

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